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What B-Melt Has To Say

Go back down and read “The Greatest Myspace story ever told,” if you havent yet. When youre done, my boy B-melt has some more to add. It is in his voice, so I’ll let him say what he has to say… 

Rod, you were pretty dead on about your story. but i do have a couple extra stories for your viewers enjoyment. SO EVERYONE, please continue to read… Everything happens in life for a reason, but when things happen like this, and when they happen to you, the only thing you can say is… “i know stuff like this can happen, but not to me!” it was weird, the more we talked, the more we had in common, the more we had in common, the more we clicked, the more we clicked, the more other people knew i was talkin to her. the more people that knew i was talkin to her, the more she hyped up the coolest white boy ever, i mean… SHE EVEN PUT A PIC OF ME ON HER MYSPACE PAGE! (now i dont think it can get any more honorable than that, LMAO) anyways… i havent lost total contact with her, she really is a good person, with a good heart… but its crazy to think not only did she have me fooled, but she had 75% of all professional athletes fooled, (i was the only white exception she ever made, so you gotta admit, that adds a little more spice to the story, lol)

The 1st story might be the most ironic of all stories. in 2000,When i was a freshman at Illinois, i actually talked to her online many times, and we conversed back and forth about people and life in general. i remember sending her a picture of me and yao ming together…anyways… more than 5 years later, we ironically became friends on myspace, (which at the time, i had no idea i even knew her) and she immediately sent me that pic of me and yao ming, which freaked me the hell out, i mean… how in the world did she get that? i mean, that picture was taken over 6 years ago! and i forgot i even had that picture! anyways, that convinced me that OF COURSE, I DID KNOW HER, and by the looks of her pics… I REALLY WANTED TO GET TO KNOW HER SOME MORE!!!

In fact, that leads me to story #2…the more i got to know her, the more she name dropped, and i started to realize we had many mutual friends, she actually got me into clubs in SD with out even being within 3,000 miles from me. i was waiting in line at “aubergine” downtown, and there were some Chargers having a party in there, some i knew, some i didnt, but the ones i knew, SHE KNEW! so, she hit them up on their TMAIL, saying, “hey, my boy is waitin in line outside the club, can you get him in?” the next thing i knew, i had some of the Chargers coming out to get me, bmelt, into the club! how crazy is that? im just a white boy from the country with connects from all over the globe. LOL…

now its time for story #3,which is by far,last but not least… what im about to say is going to be said for a total sense of humor that you happened to leave out of your story, so please “Tiffany”, dont get mad, its only as funny as you made it, At a certain “white party” in the summer of 06’ i ran into this Kelly guy… he asked me… “hey, are you really dating ‘Tiffany’?” and at that time, i was the only one in america who knew “the truth”, i just didnt want to blow her cover, so i responded “yeah, sure AM!!!” he said, “DAMN YOURE LUCKY, i’ve seen her pictures, DAMN SHE’S GOT A PHAT ASS!!!” my only response i could think of was “you got that right!” anyways, i thought that would add some humor to your story.

i could go on and on about stories that i encountered on my 6 month journey with this “Tiffany” character. but its just not worth it. she’s a good girl, who made a mistake, all people make mistakes, but atleast she got the chance to live the life that many people can only dream of…being a “MYSPACE JUMP-OFF”!!!

good luck to you RB, it was great sharing stories with you this summer at Glen Park!

the infamous, bMelt. Once you become famous, you can never become UN-famous, you can only become IN-famous!!! remember that…

“Matthew 19:26; with god, all things are possible”

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