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Ewwwww (video)

My coach gave me 4 days off and I was going to take a short trip to Macau. I changed my mind at the last minute and decided to stay in Seoul with my brother. After taking down a bottle of vodka, we decided to nail a green bed sheet to the roof and get loose on camera.

The song was recorded in fall 2012, and when my brother heard it for the first time last week, he asked why we didn’t have a video. I nodded, took a shot, ate a pack of gummy bears, and told him it was time to get to work. Enjoy.

Muthaf&^$in Christmas Time 2

Boomtho terrorizes Koreans. Too easy.


Chicken Soup For The Player

What happens when guys do too much at the bar?


SwagBomb (video)

The new music video from #teamboomtho. It could be the best one yet! Filmed between Hollywood, Tokyo, and Seoul and features a few of our BOOMTHO girls! Check it out!

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We Be Twerkin’ (video)

We Be Twerkin’


The Amuse Bouce (video)

The Amuse Bouche


Call Me Maybe (video)

I  know you saw this video of us gettin loose to “Call Me Maybe,” right?


Trying to Hollar in LA (video)

The MOST accurate portrayal of what it’s like to contact women in L.A.

Famous Enough (video)

My new video! Produced, written, performed, directed, and edited by yours truly. Enjoy. “Famous Enough.”

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Goodbye, Samuel.

Best death in a movie scene ever.