The time a group of BC, CA dudes invited my girl to a private message group called “Adolf Anonymous”

The following is reposted from Facebook:

Hey everyone! How y’all doin? Well? Nice. Anyways, I was laying around minding my business this morning when Kelly sent me a message saying that she received a disturbing message request. She then sent some screen shots of a group message titled “Adolf Anonymous.” It was some disgusting ish, as I expected.

I sat for a minute, then I calmly asked her to invite me to the group. At first she refused, in large part, to protect me. But I told her that these kinds of things don’t bother me like that. These things energize me to do my part to stop people from spewing garbage and inviting my girl to be a part of it just because they think they’ll “shock” her into sadness. These things make me go “oh word?” and then expose the fools who believe in them because I am and will always be unshaken by idiots shouting B.S. in private, but pretend to be civil in public.

So I’m gonna give these guys a chance, as this is a public post, to have their views expressed openly! Aren’t I a nice guy, guys? Let’s all take a minute to celebrate these guys and all the positions they take, because the rest is liberal brainwashing anyways, AMIRITE?! I consider this a tribute to the guys who believe these things but maybe didn’t have a big enough platform to get the word out. So please, give these guys the likes, comments, shares they deserve!😊

Oh, and in case you really, really want to thank them, here they are. Oh, and they’re Canadian! It’s so nice up here. They have some great photos, too. So keep scrolling to give these heroes the recognition that has long eluded them:

Sean Gore-Hickman = Womanizing POS



Andrew Lawrence (@andrew604) = sugar tooth meth junkie


Spencer McDonald (@spencer.mcdonald.12) = fast food faggit


Logan Bailey (@logan.bailey.946) = impersonatin hick hater

Scott Turner (@betabrahpls) = cash me outside howbowdah

Noah O’Niell = THE intern

Nathan MacMaster (@nathaniel.harris.144) = lurker

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