Sloppy Love Jingle #2

Ok, continued 

What’s next upon the menu? 

Hmm, maybe I should crack a joke 

Attack and ask her if she smokes 

Cause I can’t seem to find my matches 

And that could break the ice but 

I’m a bad actress with three lighters I acquired the previous night 

And there I was do or die 

She was approximately five feet away from my frame 

So I decided to take a stride, swallow my pride, tellin’ her my name like 

Hello miss, my name is Travis 

Just a ordinary cat, I’m into art and fuzzy rabbits, kinda smart with a big heart, you can have it 

See you find that funny 

I’d love to buy you a drink but I got bent and spent my money 

But would you kindly accept a raincheck 

Perhaps some deep chit chat 

She didn’t think twice, nodded her head and said “I’m with that” 

By the way do you have some matches? 

She’s like, “no, but there’s a lighter right in front of you” 

And now we both giggling 

This girl’s so crazy, got my gullet jiggling 

Fiddling with my feelings like an out of tune piano 

Like I’m on ritalin 

The way she’s got my undivided attention dismissin’ any thoughts of lettin’ this one get away

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