A Blackberry, Paris, a Train, a Taxi, and a Faulty Card That Nearly Led to my Demise.

Before you hear this story, you need to understand that I bought a Blackberry Storm here in France about a week ago. I got it here so that I could use my ATT card in it and get 3G speeds. It has been a bit of a process to get it unlocked though and, after searching all week, I discovered a place in Paris that could unlock it effortlessly. Today I had a day off and attempted to get this done. This is my story. 

[It was written as an AIM message originally so disregard the grammar and formatting]

So I woke up at like 1230 or 1 today, mapquested the two places that were sposed to be able to handle my phone, found the closer one and wrote the address down

I got in the taxi, and showed him the place

1 was a perfect time because my train back to Nancy was leaving at 4

I get to the phone place at about 130

the guy there said something like “5 hours”

either he meant come back at 5 or that it would be ready at 630

either way, I was going to have to get a new train and find something to do for 5 hours

So I went to lunch at Hippo which is like a TGIFridays style place

got my lunch and tried to pay

my card didnt work

my effin ffrench card has a weird 30-day spending limit

so it just works basically when it feels like it because I bought clothes online

So there was a very embarrassing situation in the restuarant

and they couldnt understand me anyways

We basically just ran the card 6 times and on time 6 it worked

but I tried to go to an ATM afterward and I was NOT able to take out any money

at all

and I had no cash

and the phone would cost 60Euro for the unlock anyways

so I was kind of panicking and I had to catch Taxis all over to get back anyways

So, after 5 hours sitting in a hotel lobby, I got in a taxi, figuring that the card would probably work at an ATM now and I had to pick up the phone and get to the train station

so we drive up to the Phone place which is on an VERY busy street

the cab driver speaks NO english whatsoever and I’m trying to tell him to wait outside for me while I run in and grab the phone

I am debating wether or not to take my bag inside with me, but I decide against it because I want him to know that Im serious about coming back out

when I get into the phone place the guy tells me to hold on for like 5 min

so I go back outside, check on the taxi, hes chillin, and I go to the bank next door to try to take out money


I cant pay for the phone ANYWAY

I got back into the phoen store and the guy tells me that they need to hold my phone for 3 days

and Im like nope cant do it cuz I live in Nancy

plsu I cant pay regardless

I grab the phone and go back outside


out of panic, and knowing that my laptop is in the bag, I just take off running towards where some taxis are up the street

after like 3 steps, EVERYTHING in my pockets falls out

including the brand new phone


I have to spend like 1 minute and a half collecting my things

I didnt realize how much sh** was in my pockets

3 phones


hella change

and I NEEDED that change

once I collect it all, the taxi driver pulls up

I guess he had to move cuz of a bus

finally a break

get in the taxi and head to the train station

but the bill is like 20 euro and I have like 8

in 50 cent coins

so I propose we go by a bank so I can try to take out just 20 euro

thinking that would worrk

we go to the bank and NO DICE

no money

I tell him that I DID get the money out and to drive back to the train station

on the way I scour my bag and my clothes from the night before

there just happens to be 25 euros in my jeans pocket

my tab was 24

I get out of the taxi with like 14 mintues to go until the last train leaves to come back to Nancy

but I have to change my ticket so I am hustling

i spend 5 minutes just trying to find the ticket office cuz all i see are automated things

I finally find it, go to the counter and start searching my pockets

for a ticket that ISNT TEHRE


somewhere in the mayhem

the guy says that he CAN NOT give me a new one

I have to buy it

So I walk to the corner and just sit down

like no way am I going to be stuck in this trian station overnight cuz I cant go ANYWHERE

I decide to give my card a try in one of the automated things




get my ticket with NOT EVEN A MINUTE to spare

and sprint to my train

make it home

the end

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