Naggin’ In Iceland

My old high school teammate and current overseas baller Avi Fogel and I were driving down to the UCSD campus to play some pickup ball with the D2 kids when he decided to break the silence of the lazy afternoon. 

“Rod man I forgot to tell you about for funny ish that happened when I was overseas in Iceland,” he said excitedly, knowing that I would enjoy the story. 

“Oh yea?” I responded. “What’s crackin?” 

I won’t quote him because due to laughter, I don’t remember his exact words. So I’ll it the way I remember it. He tells me that when he was in Iceland the majority of his teammates were black and from the U.S. He said that one night they all went out to some Icelandic club that, based on his description of Icelandic women, I would have to assume was pretty crackin and filled with many dime pieces. 

One of his boys was REALLY feelin one of those dimes out in the club so he made a play, but she shot him down. I guess later he tried again, and again, and finally again. She just wasn’t buying what the man was selling I guess. I wasn’t there, but I can imagine a dude thinkin that he was gonna get some “easy” play overseas who realized that she wasn’t that way. 

Well, I guess the girl started to get annoyed with the situation. She walked up to Avi and his bothersome teammate and said “Why do you keep naggin me so much? All you do is nag nag nag!” 

I guess Avi replies “Hahaha what? He keeps nagging you?” 

Frustrated, the girl says to the teammate: “Yes. Why are you such a stupid NAGGER?” 

Ummm…. I guess the accent made it tough to hear, so the teammate says: “What? Bitch, you don’t know me!” and allegedy socks her in the face! 

I haven’t laughed so hard at anything yet since season ended. Obviously hitting a girl is off limits, but coddamn, he hit her because she called him a stupid NAGGER? Classic. Nagger should have shut his coddamn mouth!

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