Ode To Jenna Fischer Part 2

Earlier today, I went out and bought “Walk Hard.” I popped into my xbox and started watching it. I had no idea Jenna Fischer was in that bad boy looking as gorgeous as ever. It pissed me off in a way. Why did nobody tell me that the official Boom Tho girl was all spiced up and hot in a Judd Apatow movie? It caught me by surprise. I would have gone to the theatre to see it if I had known all the details. 

Anyways, the fact of the matter is that the Boom Tho GOTM’s have gotten more attention lately than the original Boom Tho Girl. Jenna, I haven’t forgotten about you. We have a chemistry that only two people who have never met can share. It’s special to only us. So, I decided that you needed another poem to show you just how I feel. The first poem can be seen in “Ode to Jenna Fischer”, but this is the second one. This is Part Dos! 

The past few months have been really whack 

But 2 weeks ago at 7 The Office came back 

I’m so glad she came back – I’ve missed her 

That’s right, I’ve missed you Jenna Fischer 

I know you think we don’t know each other 

But after watching Dewey Cox, I think you need a brother 

If you were some milk, I’d be like Ovaltine 

We’d get some brown in you if you know what I mean 

Yep, I said it, I’m anything but coy, 

If your life is a happy meal, then I’m your free toy 

My beds like a ship, let me be your captain 

Come to my room, “Where Boom Tho Happens” 

So what if Will Farrell felt you up in blades of glory 

The irrigation room gets wild after dwights bedtime story 

You’re like the Little Mermaid, Ariel of the Sea 

Ill go to the water where it is hotter take it from me 

Let me show you why they call me Too Much 

I just want to treat you like my Ipod Touch 

The next line is dirty, If you know what I mean 

Treat me like a Nintendo Cartridge that’s not clean 

We could be like Jules and Seth, solid as a rock 

You can scratch my back, but it’s located on my —

Let’s make some sweet music like Bleeker and Juno 

When it comes to Boom Tho girls, you’re numero uno! 

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