Sometimes The Night Aint Right

I was at Buck’s again walking around as usual. It was like a Wednesday or something so there was almost nobody there. I walked around with a dazed look on my face for a little while. Finally my dazed look turned into one that said “I’ve given up for tonight.” I started thinking about whether I was going to play Madden or Halo when I got home when someone interrupted my thought process. 

“Don’t look at me,” some girl yelled from the middle of the dance floor. My eyes refocused as I came out of my day dream. I was looking at her, completely accidentally. It hit me then that she was not worth looking at. I hate to say it, but she was just not attractive at all. She came at me with the don’t look at her bit and yet I would just as quickly come back at her with the same line…. So I did. 

“What?! How about you don’t look at me?” I fired back. Both of us got our wish. 

5 minutes later I was still there, waiting for the place to pick up a little bit. Another girl walked up to me and told me there was something on my shirt. She pointed her finger towards my chest at the spot. I looked down and sure enough her finger came up into my face like we were in third grade. Seriously. While she was playfully laughing, I walked away. No way was I going to stand for such games. 

Now it really was time to leave. I started heading towards the door when someone grabbed my hand. I turned around and looked down to see a 60 year old woman looking back up at me. Maybe she wasn’t 60, but coddamn she was old regardless. 

“Do you want to dance?” she asked me. 

The night had already been ridiculous enough in the last 30 minutes, I guess I could at least dance one song with her to be nice. 

“Sure. Why not?” 

She walked me over to the dance floor. I grabbed her hands and proceeded to dance with her like anyone would dance with a woman 3 times their age. I danced with her like she was my grandmother. Straight up ball room dance style. I don’t really know the waltz, but this was as close as I could get to waltz style dancing. 

Granny and I continued this style for a couple minutes, then, out of nowhere, she turned around and attempted to break me off like a 50 Cent video girl. I rarely ever feel ashamed on the dance floor, but this was an exception. I couldn’t believe this old woman was doing this. I especially couldn’t believe she was doing this to ME. After my shock wore off, I turned and walked away from the dance floor. It was just too much. 

She followed me and grabbed my hand again. 

“Please please please dance with me for another song. Please?” 

Now was the real decision time. It was obvious that she wanted more than a dance now. There was no way I was going to do anything more than dance, and I definitely had no intention of dancing like that. Why head back out there with her? What would I have to gain? 

Right then I threw my camera to my teammate and told him to record what was about to happen. I decided I would dance so ridiculously and at such an absurd pace that she couldn’t handle it. I figured I could always watch the video and laugh at the most seductive dancing that will ever occur between myself and someone with an AARP card. Well, at least until I have my own card if you know what I mean. 

We headed back over to the dance floor. Right before we started up again, she slipped a piece of paper with her phone number on it into my hand. Gross. That almost stopped me, but I looked over at my teammates who assured me that the show must go on. It did: 

How old is too old these days? I mean there has always been a kind of man fantasy to get the older girl, but seriously, this is way too old. The fact that she thought it was O.K. was ridiculous. The fact that I went along with it was preposterous. The fact that nobody there found it unusual is almost upsetting. Either way I skipped right out to the van and left right after the display. I’ve been told that she then gave her number to another guy on my team. Gross. Just gross.

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