Poem Game 1.5

First things first, I guess my teammate from last time had a talk with the waitress and she told him that she had a boyfriend. They discussed her situation and decided to just be friends. Now that you have some closure on the last poem game entry, we can move forward. 

This time we were all signing autographs as a team. These autograph sessions can get to be a little tedious at times, so I like to spice things up a bit. When we were almost done, the same teammate as before asked me to write another poem for him. The thing about it was that we were back at Buffalo Wild Wings, the same place where the first poem was given. I asked him who he could possibly give it to and he didnt answer. He just wanted another poem. 

I sat down with my pen and paper and got to work: 

Out with my team on a Tuesday night 

I was caught by a beam of light 

Your face was a beauty so pure 

I can raise my arms because Im Sure 

If you were an answer on Jeopardy 

I’d say “What is stylish, smart, and sassy?” 

What is naturally sunning and classy? 

Who makes all other girls look trashy? 

Its like you were sent from above 

I’m like Alltel, come and get your love 

Im drowning in my own emotion — save me 

Will you go out with me? At least say maybe! 

So, I hand the poem to my teammate, eager to see who he could possibly hand it to. He walks it over to one of the rookies. 

“Rook, you’re gonna give this poem to one of these waitresses,” he declares. 

The rookie was not having it. Seriously, this guy has a look on his face like he’d had enough of the rookie games. This appeared to be the final straw. He literally just refused to give the poem to anyone. I leaned in close to him and whispered in his hear that he should just give it to the same waitress as last time and tell her it’s from the same guy. The rookie loved this idea. See, neither of us knew that there had already been closure on the situation. We just figured we would rekindle old feelings and keep the fun going. 

Rookie got up and walked the poem over to her. I saw her reaction and thought she was feeling it. My other teammate saw what happened and put 2 and 2 together real quick. 

“Are you guys serious right now? I thought he was gonna give it to someone else not give it to her and say it was from me. That’s messed up man.” 

I chimed in as best I could while laughing hysterically. “What’s the problem? She’s feeling it!” 

“No. We talked it out. She has a man and a kid. We gotta go.” 

We all ran out, got in the vans and left. We have yet to return to Wild Wings. 

Look out for the next edition of the poem game.

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