Have you ever spent a Thanksgiving away from every single one of your family members? I have. In fact, I’ve spent the last six Thanksgivings away from home. It would appear that there is no end in sight to this streak. 

I’ve gotten used to spending holidays away from home because basketball tends to always get in the way of such occasions. Still, besides not seeing my family, I have never gotten used to eating terrible food on a day when the food should be tremendous. There’s nothing like getting 88 text messages from people talking about how good their Thanksgiving food is while you’re staring down at a pile of goulash. 

When I was a freshman at CAL it was the worst. I didn’t even own a jacket, yet here I was walking through the streets of Cleveland with Erik Bond looking for a 7/11. Actually, it was more of a backpedal because Erik Bond convinced me that walking backward helped when walking in cold, windy conditions. He was right. So here we are walking backwards in 5 degree weather with snow falling all around us searching for a place to eat…on Thanksgiving. I think I bought a couple hot dogs and some Gatorade from the local 76 gas station and that was it. Great Thanksgiving. Oh yea, and I ended up missing the Big Game (CAL v Stanford football) which just happened to be the first time CAL had won in years. Great road trip. I heard that we marched the goal posts down Bancroft Ave. Real great road trip. 

This Thanksgiving started out like that one. This was my official “meal” for the day: 

I know it looks real bad, but it tasted pretty decent. It was my first time ever eating Thanksgiving food at Golden Corral Buffet, but since we went as a team I made due. The point is that your meal DEFINITELY looked better than this. On Thanksgiving, this pig slop is just unacceptable. 

I decided to take matters into my own hands. I needed a little part of what I’m used to. I needed some Sweet Potato Pie. I hadn’t had any SPP since I was in high school and my late great grandmother made it, so I felt like I needed to do this the right way. I could have easily gone to Wal-Mart and bought a SPP from Sarah Lee, but I decided to call up moms and get the real family recipe. This is how it went: 



Yee! It turned out so coddamn delicious. Just look at the deliciousness. 

Ok, so I know what some people are thinking out there. You’re wondering what this pie is supposed to be because it looks like the scrumptious pumpkin pie that you’re used to eating. You have to be white people. Why? I don’t know. I don’t know when it started, but sometime long long ago, black people starting eating sweet potato pie and white people started eating pumpkin. I can’t explain it. What I can tell you is that I don’t know any black people who eat pumpkin pie and (considering I know thousands and thousands of white people) I know only a handful of white people that eat sweet potato. I don’t want this to come off as racially insensitive, but for some reason thats how it goes. If you have never tried a sweet potato pie, give it a try. it is much sweeter and better than pumpkin, but then again, I’m biased aren’t I? 

Well, I figure I’ll finish by telling you what I’m thankful for: 

10. Colin Brickley (Not at all gay as it sounds) 

9. Madden 

8. 1080p HDTV’s 

7. Cinnamon Toast Crunch 

6. The D-League 

5. The Boom Tho Movement which is > Thankfulness. JK. 

4. Madden 

3. Short Skirts 

2. Short Dresses 

1. Family 

We will see how Christmas goes.

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