The Trouble With Being Tall — Public Bathrooms

I am consistently asked how tall I am.  What usually follows is some mention of how cool it is to be tall or how the person wishes they could be tall too.  I must admit that it is pretty great, but there are times when being tall isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.  I’ve decided to highlight those times so that you realize that sometimes it’s just not as easy as you think. 

In this particular blog we look at the “public bathroom.” 

Im sure none of you ever thought about what it takes for a successful trip to a public bathroom when you’re 6’10”.  The answer is really not that much, but it’s still hella awkward.  For example:  the urinals are all just a little too low.  Think about any public bathroom you’ve ever been in.  If it was a big one then chances are that there was that urinal that’s about a foot lower than the rest that’s made for little kids or whoever.  Now imagine that they’re all like that.  5 urinals that are all too low…now you have to CONCENTRATE.  One lapse in concentration may lead to wet shoes and floor, or worse yet, wetness on the shoes of your neighbor which is never cool.   

 As you can see in the photo above, these are two standard urinals, yet my belt-line is as high as the flusher, meaning that serious knee bend and/or downward pointing is necessary.   

The urinals are only half of the story.  The stalls happen to pose an even bigger problem.  The idea with stalls is that they are designed to limit the visibility of two people in neighboring toilets.  All your really supposed to see is the boxer-pants-shoes pile that covers the ankles of the person next to you.  The average person can basically do whatever they want once they close that stall door because they essentially disappear.  I, on the other hand, am visible the whole time until I sit down.  It never feels comfortable staring at some guy washing his hands as im getting situated in the stall.  What if its a hot day and I want to take my shirt off?  What if I smell the place up real bad and I want to kind of escape without being seen?  Impossible.  My whole head and shoulders are above the stall level.     


In this photo, taken at my eye level, I see right over the stall with ease.   

Now imagine you just wanna piss at the urinal on the left and then there’s me in the stall next to you, I can clearly see you and I’m changing my shirt — awkward.  The only time that it was ever cool to see over a stall was when I was 17 and I lived in Co-Ed dorms with Co-Ed showers.  Now it’s just a joke.   

So that concludes this edition of “The Trouble With Being Tall”.  Look out for more editions soon because there’s so many normal things for you that are just awkward for us.

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